Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mumbai - To Eat (04Aug2015 Local local, Fishland Fine Dine, Maharaja, Bharat Coffee House)

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The Local local street eats
(260m from Four Seasons Hotel)

(For the bravest)
 A lighter version of prata and vadai.
 Looks like fried noodles and rice.
 Rice and Curries that you can have road side.
 Street desserts. INR6 each.
Chai tea thats boiling for hours on end.

For those wanting to venture out of the Four Seasons Hotel, a left turn takes you towards the shopping mall, but a right turn takes you to where the local foods at.

Lots of choices available here, like their version of fried noodles and rice, thosai, chapattis, curries, fried fritters and many more. Pretty much the same varied stalls further down the road with a few eateries and local produce sold along the streets. Its worth while to venture out for Chai tea thats been boiling for hours on end, and eat amongst the people. 

Ordered on:

All that for INR50
*20Rupees we thought was for each single light prata, but no! It was a whole plate as pictured on the left. Its something like light prat
a, served with curry. A side order of fried vegetable mixture fritter was added. Taste great and their curries served were not overly spicy.

We wanted to try something else, but the prata serve was so large that we were weary of over ordering. If the locals were chowing down on the same stuff, its probably the right choice!*

 Eating amongst the people and survived.

Fishland Fine Dine
(700m from Four Seasons Hotel)

Fully air-conditioned and offers delivery as well

(Dinner starts at 7pm)
 ~Their take away menu~

Ordered on:

X4 Pepsi INR35 Each

- Rogan Josh(Curry Mutton) INR250

- Butter Chicken INR250

- Mutton Biryani INR250
*Fantastic, fall of bone lamb. Tender and delicious*

- Spinach and cottage cheese. (Aldo Gobi I think)

- Chicken Biryani INR250

x2 Garlic Naan INR50each

*A little on the crispy side but really good that it garnered a reorder for another Naan.

- Garlic Cheese Naan INR70

*Looks like there's no difference between this and the garlic only naan, but its got cheese laden in between the layers. Absolutely love this naan and will definitely reorder*

- Cauliflower and potato (Paneer Palak) INR120

x2 Dry Chicken Tika INR250 each

Fed4 Total INR2030.

Standouts were really the mutton Briyani. Super tender meat which just fell of the bone. The chicken Tika was also really nicely done, juicy and has that awesome char flavor from their clay oven.

An attempted fine dining experience. Staff even offered to serve chicken Tika individually on our plates and even laid down cutlery a piece at a time. A plus point is probably that it's fully air-conditioned. 

They do, do deliveries and food is undoubtedly similar if not better than Dubai standard. Good food and value eats if one is willing to venture out to the right.  

Overall. Food undoubtedly good. Two of the four whom dined here visited the toilet a little more frequently that usual but no runs. One had hit his quota for Indian food outside. Personally I'll go back again to Fishland or even try out Maharaja below. Maharaja, upon asking if they did take aways, even knew where about we stayed, hinting crew have ordered in from there before.


Veg and Non Veg Restaurant

Delivery Available!
(500m from Four Seasons Hotel)
(Dinner starts at 7pm)
*Yet to be reviewed but they seem to know we were staying in the Four Seasons :D*


Bharat Coffee House
Pure Veg

(Free office and Home Delivery)
650m from Four Seasons Hotel

 (We just popped in here for a Mango Lasi and a butter prata.)

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