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Moscow - To Eat (09Aug2015 Famiglia Il Patio, Stolovaya No.57, Underground fast food, Crabster, MyMy, Ragout)

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Moscow - To Eat
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Famiglia Il Patio
(1.2km walk from Hotel Azimut)

Located On 2nd Floor

Conveniently located opposite Prospekt Mira Metro Station.

ABBATip: Try their chili olive oil. Don't let that deep yellow color fool you. It's really good and can a be a little bit spicy.

Ordered on:


Spaghetti Neri Ai Frutti Di Mare

Shrimps, mussels, cherry tomatoes and red clavier 517Rubbles
(recommended order by others)

*Good for its price. nicely cooked with fresh ingredients. Pasta done beautifully and the cream sauce not overly heavy. A recommended dish to myself, and I'd recommend it to others. Portion is a little on the small side for myself, but just nice for the ladies.*

Pesto Pasta

*Shared as So-So only and that was cause she was hungry.*

And drinks ordered.

Total 2934Rubles Fed4

Conveniently located by the metro. Its great for a on-the-way out or on-the-way back location for a meal. Nice air-conditioned place with free spotty wifi from another provider.   

Stolovaya No.57

Located in the beautiful Rym shopping mall, this place was researched before hand and was said to a place offering cheap Russian eats. Served up Ikea style, one picks and chooses their dishes and later having to clear ones own dishes after a meal. Everything you pick has a price to it, and staff will tally the bill at the checkout counter.

Ordered on:


Good order choices:

- The combi meat patties.
If they've got a poster of it, it must be their signature dish.

- Baked Cheese and mushroom

- Wrapped egg plant with cheese.

- Rice with choice of sauce. Their rice was more like a Paella/Risotto cross over and went great with the mushroom sauce. 

- Sausages taste very much like German frankfurters

- Mash potatoes were nicely seasoned and prepared well.


- Introduction to Russian food.

- Reasonably good, value for money eats.

- Located in Rym shopping mall, the cafeteria shelters you from both the heat and the cold depending your arrival date. Furthermore, it's located opposite red square and a stone throw away from most of Moscow's tourist attractions.


- Depending on what you order, your pick and choice may not be such a home run.

- Food may not be served piping hot.

- Desserts aren't that great. Some were okay, 
but most weren't worth it and in fact weren't finished.

Dinner orders went for about 700-800Rubles each (Appetizers, mains, drinks and dessert,  The works)

A value for money joint, offering a reasonable dining option in a very posh shopping center. It serves as an introduction to Russian eats. Depending on your choices it can be an just average to slightly above average eats.

Underground fast food

Located along Alexander Garden
Russian Food Chain MyMy is also found in the same location.


On a budget or tired of Russian food? Get your familiar big brand fast food chains here! Options are plenty.


Located in what seems to be another shopping street with a pub vibe feel to it in the night, this, Instagramed-shared joint offers crab at affordable prices. The crab meat here I suspect comes largely from snow crabs and not those cheap production crab sticks. I could be mistaken on this part.

Ordered On:


Crab Rangoon Deep Fried Wanton with crab meat 280Rubles x2

*Impressive. There quite a fair bit of crab meat stuffed in that crispy pocket and it goes well with the sweet chili served along side. We saved the chilli sauce for the fries later.*

Singapore Chilli Crab 320Rubles x1

*Surprisingly the star dish for the night. Everyone loved the sauce. It doesn't have that strong spiciness we are accustomed to back home, but it's a little milder with a sweet tang to it. Should have gone for a double order of this!*

Mixed seafood platter 1500Rubles x1

*One gets what you pay for, depending on your exchange rate at point of purchase. Perhaps its even considered a value order especially with the Alaskan crabs served, all sliced up and ready to be enjoyed.*

Blueback Salmon Ceviche 300Rubles x2

*Really nice. The citrus flavor wasn't over powering and it was a refreshing seafood dish.*

Misc Drink ordered

*Their home brewed lemonades were the clear standouts!*

Now for the not so spectacular orders...

Baked Mussels with cheese and pepperoni, served with fries on a side.

*Nothing special, but the spiced fries were quite good and went perfectly with the sweet chili sauces from the fried wanton previously ordered.*

Crab Burger 380Rubles x2

*Although it looks good in the picture, I felt that it was a lost opportunity for something delicious. The burger was served Cold and it was dry. Merely a put together mash up of fresh ingredients with mayo and crab. Nothing spectacular.*

Crab Milk Soup 270Rubles x1

*The epic fail of the night. It look so promising as well. The colors hinting at bold oriental flavors which turned out to be nothing more than colored water. The crab meat were salvaged from this poor concoction.*

Ukha Soup with Flat Fish 260Rubles x1

*A little on the blend side. Nothing outstanding. I must say there's lots off dill thou.*

Fed8 at 700Rubles each

Pretty much all our orders were anything with a crab logo against it. (Their recommended orders). From the number of orders taken, its about a 50/50 chance of getting something enjoyable. If one stuck to the star orders reviewed above, then maybe it be worth the journey down for crab dishes at affordable prices.

They've got a nice vibe to the place with free wifi available. 


(Read as MoMo in Russian)


On this occasion we visited the branch located along Alexander garden. A popular Russian food chain that's located around Moscow.

Ordered On:



Chicken with pineapple appetizer

*A non spicy curry powder similar to Amsterdam's curry pickled herring. Chicken with pineapple appetizer. Simple fair.*

Fish Appetizer

*Interesting - okay dish. More of a fish cake patty mixed in with flour, served with a sweet onion topping.*

Beef steak with cheese *Star order*

*A piece of steak cooked well and served with sweet cheese mixture on top. We went back for a reorder, but it does need some starch to cut through the sweet cheese.*


*A very tender piece of meat with familiar flavors of the orient which I cant put my finger on.*

Pork Sausage

*To standard.*

Mushroom in cheese

*Delicious mushroom soup*


Cheese cake

*Pretty good with the right consistency. not overly dense nor light. A good dessert order*

A basic mains with sides with drink goes for about 300Rubles, with the whole fan fair of appetizers and desserts goes for approximately 700Rubles.

Similar to Stolovaya No.57 reviewed above, this is like its posh cousin.

At MyMy there are definitely more, quality mains to choose from and less chances of a disappointment. However, portions here are slightly smaller in comparison but the atmosphere definitely better. Once you've familiarized yourself with MyMy, you'll start noticing this chain all over Russia. Its a convenient place for Russian eats at affordable prices. 

 (150m walk from Hotel Azimut)

Apparently their lunch deals are worth the order. Dinner prices are pricey $$$.

Ordered On:


Sides costs extra approximately 200Rubles per side.

All dishes come with a mini salad.

Flank Steak 650Rubles

*Really tender piece of meat, beautifully prepared and presented on a black slate. A small accompanying salad comes with the steak. Another popular location for flank steak is at Flat Iron in London.*

Veal Tenderloin 580Rubles

*Shared to be okay only.*

Salmon 600Rubles

*Nothing special. A piece of salmon, thou beautifully presented was a tad over cooked. For a better salmon alternative that's leap and bounds better comes from Castell's in Amsterdam.*

Seabass 600Rubles

*The star for the night. Never tried, you'll never know. Absolutely amazing piece of fish. Chinese often have this fish steamed or deep fried, but never prepared in a western way. A crispy skin that stay crisp throughout, with succulent meat at the bottom. Expertly prepared and definitely worth the try!*

Baked Eggplant, tabbouleh, yogurt 400Rubles

*It looked promising and vibrant but it lacked luster. There could be a little more seasoning by way of salt and more pomegranate seeds to give that sweet tartness to the whole dish. The rest of the components worked well together and could have been another star.*

Veal Fillet Tartare 550Rubles

*I'd say pretty standard pricing for Tartare and really tender. Another great place for tartar is at Gyu Kaku chain found in Japan.*

Coffee Sneakers 250Rubles

*Don't waste your time or money on this. You barely get the sneakers flavor. It could have been better had it been a blended ice sneaker and coffee mix.*

Total 5050Rubles Fed 4

Never try, you'll never know. The meal was much more expensive by comparison to the other meals that we had during our stay. Was told that their lunch meal was the worth while buy.

Portions here are small and surprisingly smaller than Il Patio featured above. It left me hungry for more and even contemplating room service.

Despite that, the shining dish of the night was definitely the Sea Bass and it's crispy skin and the Veal Tar Tar. An elegant place within a nice setting of music and cool vibes.

Worth a revisit? Perhaps for the lunch menu if prices for that were cheaper (reported about 30-40% cheaper with the lucnh sets) and in the evening if you weren't hungry. More of a couple's place to dine in the evenings over a wine and enjoying the music.  

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