Friday, October 11, 2013

South Korea - Incheon, To Do (Hongik University)

Seoul -To Stay
Seoul - To Do
Seoul - To Eat 
Seoul - to Buy
Seoul - To Do 
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Hongik University

One of the many locations in Korea that open till very late. A generally young crowd, ages 18-early30s perhaps. The place for almost everything. With eats, ranging from dine-in restaurants, to road side snacks. Chill out cafes to disco clubs, and franchise amenities to cheap shopping, all of which remain open till late everyday. Only at 11p.m to 12a.m, do shops starts to wind down.
Clubbing in Korea - Club Cocoon in Hongik University Area.
Wondered into what seemed the most lively place along the steet. Club Cocoon. There were several other really small establishments up and down these walking streets which had a single level splint into two, for sitting and drinking as you watch the people walk by the streets below.
*Info from seoul*
Mon.~ Thur.
- Before midnight : free entrance 
- After midnight : 10000 won 
Sat. Sun  
- Before 11 p.m. 10000 won
- After 11 p.m. 20000 won
Unfortunately I cannot find the specifics of it and they the location doesn't look accurate on Google street view either, thus have referenced other's reviews and details. (Click here for more details) Here's the address in Korean 서울특별시 마포구 서교통364-26번지
- A taxi ride from D Cube Sheraton to Hongik University goes for about 10,000-15,000Won. From observation,
past midnight comes with a 20%surcharge.

Click here for ABBA location of Hongik University. Shindorim Train Station -> Hongik Unversity

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