Friday, October 11, 2013

South Korea - Incheon, To Eat (Bongchu Jim Dak, Kim Bab Chong Boh)

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Seoul - To Eat
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ABBAtip when not knowing what to order:
Chu Cheon Menu (What do you recommend?)

Bongchu Jim Dak

*Franchise chain*

Located - D cube 5th floor
Jim Dak
Jim Dak - Mildest spice level (Flat Glass noodles with a serve of tender chicken, dried chilli, potatoes and onions. 38,000Won. Additonal 1,000 for rice.
*Taste like black soy sauce chicken. Meat was tender and the flat glass noodles below the chicken was really good. Though not enough to feed everyone. Order of rice maybe needed.*
Fed 3 Guys and 1 Girl with more to spare. Total: 42,000WON

ABBATip: Does come with a seafood combi at additional cost, but shared to be really good as well.

Kim Bab Chong Boh
When asked D Cube Hotel Staff about this place, they shared that it was popular amongst locals for a simple meal and catching up at cheap prices.
Orders come with free flow of appetizers and soup.
Kim Bab (Pork Cutlet) 6,000Won
*Pork fry was nice with its sweet sauce. Didn't care too much for the strange tasting tomato ketchup pasta. The surrounding egg/cucumber/pickle, sushi merely provided the rice for the pork.*

Jay Yuk Pok Kum (fried pork and curry) 4,500Won
*Thinly sliced pork with lightly spiced curry which had Kimchi spicing in it. Simple food fare.*
Fed 2: 10,500Won

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