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Nara - To Do 01April2018 ( Nakatanidou, Nara park, Todaiji, Harushika Sake Brewery)

Japan Nara - To Stay
Japan Nara - To Do
Japan Nara - To Eat

Nara - To Do
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Day 5
(Day Trip Out From Nara)

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Travel time from Osaka area to Nara takes about 50mins 560Yen or so and is relatively easy, especially when taking their limited express lines.
Train staff are more than helpful to point you the right way.

Trending Mochi making

Nakatanidou Japan, 〒630-8217 Nara-ken, Nara-shi, 橋本町Hashimotochō, 29
The mochi itself I thought was pretty good but definitely not worth a travel all the way down just for that. The mochi was super soft and stretch-ier than the usual run of the mill ones. The azumi beans weren’t overly sweet.

The mochi alone might not be worth the travel down, but the short 2min or so song and dance was worth the morning entertainment. Try to catch them prepping their mochi for sale whilst en-route to Nara deer park. 130Yen per piece.

Nara Deer park

Nara is synonymous with their free ranging wild deer.
Feeds go for ¥150 for 10 pieces of deer biscuits, which is plenty if you break of bits and feed the deer. Most people panic and drop everything. A single pack is plenty to last the day. Deers are more hungry for feeds in the early morning.

Come late afternoon, one can see an obvious dip in their enthusiasm. So really target the mornings or find the stragglers.
Nara park is really picturesque in the large picnic spaces. 
Note: Be careful of the wild deers as they can get rather pushy and can scare the little ones. They do tend to just go for loose papers sticking out of your pocket so watch your stuff.
We actually stopped in here due to the shorter queues and
also to try the pickled sushi particularly known for in Nara.

Ordered on:
Special Yume Set ¥2100

*Nara is known for this particular form of sushi. A must try when in the area.*
Yoshino Set ¥1680

*Pretty pleasant sets to enjoy. The nara style sushi involves lightly pickled fish and sushi rice. Simple and usually taken on the go.*
Total fed2


This place is well worth the 600yen entrance fee. Huge structure which is surprising to know that it is actually 30% smaller than the original.
*Postcard picture perfect*
A must see when in Nara especially the huge Buddah insides.
*The original*
*The rebuilt and current Temple standing.*
 *Showing off the size of the massive support pillars which an average sized adult can fit through.*

Harushika Sake Brewery
Sake tasting experience ¥500

For 500yen, you get to try 5 different sakes (with detailed description) and an additional sparkling one. Further more you get to keep the sampling glass as well as.
Am not a serious sake drinker, but the detailed description and taste platter was both educational and a fun drinking experience. I ended up purchasing number 3.Sakura label Jumai and number 4. Nara no Yaezakura.
There’s nothing more to the place other than the tasting table and shop. Don’t expect a tour of the place. Toilets are available on site.

The place is a little of the main walking path but was worth the 1.5km detour or so for ab-initio sake drinkers. You actually taste the differences in the sake you might be intending to purchase and was quite the experience. You get to walk it off on the return to the train station back to Osaka.
Return trip to Osaka and
continued with
Dotonburi Ferris Wheel

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 The Dotonburi Ferris wheel is finally running after a 9year hiatus.
Reopened on 19thJan2018

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