Thursday, June 1, 2017

Seoul - To Eat (31May2017 Kkanbu Chicken)

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Seoul - To Eat
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Kkanbu Chicken

Located across from Sheraton D Cube ground floor 깐부 신도림 . kkanbu chicken . 깐부치킨 South Korea, Seoul, Guro-gu, Sindorim-dong, 337. Nearer to the stair case up towards crew joint, located on the ground floor through the building.
There's another more traditional Chicken and beer place located opposite to this hip joint. Free wifi available on-site and the place closes only at 2.30am. We tried for a reorder at 1.15am but their kitchen was closed. 
Ordered On:
31May2017 at 12.30Am. Usual crew join was closed.
Max Draft beer, side serving of fries and spicy chili chicken
 *Beer is a given good. Nice malty flavor as opposed to Cass or Hite beers. A nice fry on the chicken and chips The chicken however felt more like processed karage-like chicken. Spicy sauce. Nothing great but one of the few places that are still open at the time.*
Fed 2 at 33000Won total

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