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London - To Eat (09June2017 Riding House Cafe, Workshop Coffee (Fitzrovia), Steak and Co)

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London - To Eat
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Riding House Cafe
Originally we had wanted to try out Dolloway Terrace (pictured below) but the place was fully booked out on a weekday lunch when we arrived as off 1130am.
Thus Riding House Cafe was pretty highly ranked as a googled alternate at 4.1 out of 401 ratings, hence we gave this place a try.
Click here for ABBA location of Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PQ, UK
Small plates to share are served in portions of three.
Ordered On:
- Poached trout, pickled cucumber, horseradish £7

*One could easily replicate this simple dish at home. Nothing special. Poorly seasoned and please give this order a pass*
- Salt beef reuben croquettes, spicy mayo. £7
*One cant really taste the properties of the salt beef. The spicy mayo didn’t add much to the entire dish either. Simple and over priced. Even the fried leaves were a waste of time.*
- Confirt lamb borek, smoked aubergine, rose harissa £8
*none of those elements were really picked up and the smoked aubergine tasted more long the line of tandori spiced puree. *
- Slow-roasted pork belly, cumin salt £8
*One can’t really taste the cumin salt. The roasted pork belly was well prepared but it failed on the all important crispy top. Better crackle would have been better. A good dish but not amazing*
Roasted duck breast sweet potato, pak choi, pickled ginger £18.50
*The star and dish which came recommended. A nice mordern-ish take on the dish. Nicely salted crust with a rarely seen, medium rare cook on duck breast. One could really taste the use of star anise and sesame oil. The sweet potato helped balanced the dish nicely, a nice Asian take as opposed to cranberry or citrus fruits..*
Man and Cheese tried from other table

 *Their mac and cheese was very well done. Great textures with some cheese crumble and fried berries of sort sprinkled on top! A good main order choice at 13.50pounds.*

Fed 4 at our table at £16 each.

The guy's verdict. Neutral/neutral/Good/Neutral
Pretty alright dining with nice decor with descent, albeit, a little on the pricier side. Located just across from The Attendant (Victorian male toilet converted into a dining cafe with good eats).

Click here for ABBA location of Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PQ, UK

Workshop Coffee (Fitzrovia)
recommend by others as their fav coffee joint located
just around the corner to Riding House Cafe reviewed above.

Recommended order is their Latte.
Click here for ABBA location of Workshop Coffee 80 Mortimer St, Marylebone, London W1W 7FE, UK
Am personally no barista and I can't really tell what makes a great coffee, but the way this artisian shop prepares your coffee so caringly adds to the experience.

A splash of cold water to quench one's thirst whilst preparing your coffee.

We ordered a Hot Chocolate (an okay only order but best Hot Chocolate still from San Churro's and the order is the Hot Cold.), Shakerato (One shot espresso mixed with Orange flower essence which didn't really shine through), Latte and Ice Latte. Drinks go for about 3pounds and a bit.
Click here for ABBA location of Workshop Coffee 80 Mortimer St, Marylebone, London W1W 7FE, UK
Steak and Co
located 120m from Gloucester Hotel
Their lunch deal set

Steak and Co's signatures are pretty much their hot stone steak cuts. Their lunch deal set for steak and sides is a really good deal and for the quality maybe better priced than flat iron. Wild Wood located across the road also offers value for money lunch sets and menu prices aren't steep either!
Ordered On:
Lamb Cutlets 17.50pounds

*An okay serving of Lamb Cutlets, the rolls royce of the lamb cuts for the price is actually a very fair deal. The medium rare cook was a bit lacking but it is still an okay serving of the lamb.*
10oz Fillet 23.50 poundsSweet Potato Fries 3.50 pounds
Onion Rings 3.50 pounds

*They can cook the steak for you, but here the same gimmick is the same as the Lava Stone in Singapore. The waiter sells it that the condiments and hot stone makes the meat taste much better. Probably the only upside is that you won't have cold steak. Down side, is that the place ventilation isn't that great so your clothes would probably smell after that. The seasoned salt was however quite enjoyable.*
Fed 2 at 25pounds each with tip.
Okay steak that isn't wow in a nice dining environment. Their lunch deals are probably better pick if you're hanking for steak.

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