Friday, January 22, 2016

London - To Do 20Jan2016 (Speedy Cafe, Welcome Museum, Grant Museum Of Zoology)

London - To Stay
London - To Eat
London - To Do

London - To Do
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Speedy Cafe/On-Screen 221B Baker Street
Euston Square Station
Fans of the popular BBC Series Sherlock Holmes starring (Benedict Cumberbatch and
Martin Freeman star of The Hobbit) can give this BBC Series iconic joint a visit. The location plays home to "221B Baker Street" and offers decent eats to set you on your day ahead.

*Other fans of the show there to take photos*

Season 4 Trailer of Sherlock

The place serves up cooked eats, Sandwiches and full breakfasts. Well they weren't really very forth coming with what dishes they are known for. Primarily the joint serves sandwiches, full breakfast and quick bites. The menu alone is not complete, with specials and other dishes up on their notice boards.
Ordered On:
Sherlock Wrap
Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Cucumber Lettuce, Peppers, Red Onions,
Sweet Chilli, hot Chilli or Mayonaise. £4.50

*Pretty standard fare with nothing to scream about. Nice crisp on the toast and
vegetables relatively fresh. A stomach filler*
£4.10 for take away. £4.50 dine in.
Fed 1

An okay joint for a quick bite but more so for its Iconic film location for BBC's Sherlock Holmes.

Welcome Museum
Free Entry. Opens 10am
Euston Square Station

Online, they showed pictures of preserved animals for viewing (which was what I was gunning for) but that was part of their older exhibit. The Natural History Museum does have a fascinating section showing that off but only through appointment with the front desk, do you get the full walk through. Slots are limited and maybe though to come by. Click here for Natural History Museum review.

*Powedered Art pain stakingly done. A live exhibit.*

That's not to say that the Welcome museum don't have interesting stuff to see. Here the exhibit revolves around the human body and medical sciences. A reasonably sized room with an array of displays. For a free exhibit it is very impressive and informative especially with the free, interactive audio guides and article write-ups.

Grant Museum Of Zoology
Opens 1pm-5pm. Free entry
Euston Square Station
Something totally different and definitely not for the faint of heart or weak stomached. A single storied space with the concept of a learning, working Museum attached to the college.
An impressive display I must say and its well worth a drop by to see the life sciences from a totally different point of view. Take the time out to appreciate the different techniques used to illustrate different aspects of animal life, from nervous systems, internal organs and skeletal structures. It truly is an interesting experience and worth a pop in.


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  13. FYI, the actor's name is *Benedict* Cumberbatch, not David Cumberbatch.