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Seoul - To Eat 11Oct2015(Gyo-Dae Harl-Pa-San, Lotteria, Korean Food Street Below Sheraton D Cube, KiKi Chicken and Beer, Food Court Located at Emart Area)

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Seoul - To Eat
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Gyo-Dae Harl-Pa-San
(Shell Fish Buffet)


 Located nearest to exit 3 of Yeongdeugpo Station, a station away from Shindorin (Sheraton Hilton)

Alternatively, taking a Taxi there, is about 3000-4700 WON each way from Sheraton D Cube. Remember to take the hotel card to avoid scam/miscommunication and avoid black limousine type taxis which charge an arm.

Gyo-Dae Harl-Pa-San is situated along the main road, diagonally Opposite Lotte Cinema, a recommended joint that some have hunted for. 

Ordered On:


All you can eat shellfish at 20000Won per pax.
 *The rice cake dish in the aluminum foil tasted like a spicy lasagna after it was cooked. Different sauces for the shellfish with some cheese was really good too. But the stars were definitely the large fresh shellfish.*
 *Look at them huge clams! The small sweet clams were even sweeter*
*The huge cockles and the fresh scallops (not pictured) were definitely the star re-orders.*
4 Beer Bottles 4000Won each
1 Soju 4000Won

ABBATip from seasoned drinkers:

Don't like taking Soju straight up? Try mixing a shot of it with beer. It really is quite refreshing. A little sweet and gives that extra kick.

Fed3 Paid approx: 2700 per pax
Undeniably fresh calms. Not too pricey and open till late. Find your favorite shells and try to get staff to just bring  just those! Be careful of the shells as they do crack/'explode under the high heat of the stove.

P.S More good eats found around the back of these row of shops

From the main street, it's got a relatively unassuming facade, but behind reveals a completely different facade. Behind lays Undong (yet to be reviewed) one of the many famous and known places that serves good Jim Duck! (A noodle/rice cake and chicken/seafood, in spicy and non spicy broth to share)

Lotteria - Fast Food Chain

Ordered On:


Bulgogi Burger 3400Won
*A little takeaway/midnight snack/topper to any meal. A little bundle of goodness. There's nothing really superb about the beef patty to be honest, but that Bulgogi and the chunky sweet onion sauce! 2 Days, 2 visits.  The revisits speak for itself. Perhaps one more for the return journey.*

Korean Food Street
Below Sheraton D Cube

Located in the Shopping Center basement level of Sheraton D Cube, this place can be best described as similar to Singapore's Takashimaya's basement level. An amalgam of street eats on one side, and the sit down dining options on the other.

General Prices for little bites here and there go for about 3000+WON and a meal is generally about 10000Won.

Ordered On:


Chicken Fried Ball 3000WON

*Nice stuff. Rated second in my books after trying the center pedestal's fried chicken reviewed below.*
Meat filled Dumpling and Bun 3000Won Total
*It's alright. Pretty normal. Their fillings come with their potato noodles which is quite interesting.*
Octopus Takidoki upsized 3400WON

*Nice! Taste like Japanese pancakes with their filling of vegetables and meat pieces.
Ordered on:

Best value/tasting of spicy fried chicken. Ordered from the central booth. Unfortunately there's only one flavor and it's spice level is quite high. That same sentiment even comes from an Indonesian!
Fed2 at 9000Won


KiKi Chicken and Beer
(Located 250m from Sheraton D Cube)

Ordered On:


Bone In Garlic Chicken 17000WON
*Probably the most popular of the lot. Unfortunately the garlic flavor comes only with bone in. A pity especially when it comes with the dryer chicken breast parts.*
Boneless Jack Daniels Chicken 19000WON
*Nice! Like a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce. Decent fry and on the sweet side. The apple mayo salad went really well with this Jack Daniel fried chicken.*
Boneless Fried Chicken with Spring Onion 17000WON
*Its not stated, but the sauce has got wasabi in it! A little on the spicy side. It doesn't bring you to tears, but enough of a kick to let one know there's wasabi. Shredded spring onions does bring that freshness and lightness to it.*
Fed5 6900Won

An average fried chicken joint which I felt a little on the pricy side, given the serving size. As of 17Oct2015, the cheapest, most bang for buck, single Flavored Fried Chicken is in the food court located below Sheraton D Cube.

However, this place does opens till late, and has a variety of flavors to choose from.

Food Court

Located at Emart Area

(Free wifi available)

Ordered On:


Seafood Soup

*Pretty decent. I like the warm heat from the boiled chillies and the abundance of seafood. Of course the whole octopus was the star. A simple meal with the usual Korean condiments served along side.*
Fed1 7000Won

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