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Japan - Haneda To Eat 14Mar2015(Ichiran Ramen, Nakajima)

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Ichiran Ramen open 24hrs
(Sakura Gicho station branch,
located 1.4km from Yokohama Grand Hotel)

 *pictured left are your private booths with option to open divider to chat with your friend. Pictured on the Right is where the noodles are churned up and delivered to your booth*
*Pre purchase your order then proceed to a booth*
*A display shows seat availability*
 *Your custom order sheet which they have in English*

Getting There
Located at South 2B exit of Sakura Gicho Subway, Ichiran stands prominently as you exit, unmissable.

Finally after so long, and having reading other crew reviews, am finally having the opportunity to try the ramen. It doesn't disappoint! As advertised, everything is fully customizable, as seen from the menu. Hugely popular with the crew and even a craving for some.

Ichiran's philosophy is that Ramen is best enjoyed in isolation and in private, hence the separated booths for private dining. A truly intimate experience between diner and
Not going to Japan anytime soon? There's a 24hr branch located in Hong Kong causeway bay as well Click here for details on location!
Ordered on:
Standard Ichiran Ramen with additional soft egg.
Noodles ¥790
Egg ¥120

What I feel really sets Ichiran apart from other ramen joints is their amazing broth. It's not your typical, sometimes oil heavy, pork soup base that over powers everything else. There's almost a subtle, gentle hints of bonito and spring onion extracts picked up in this multilayer-ed flavored soup. I could be wrong of what some of the thousands of ingredients that goes it, but really the soup is the real star, setting itself apart from so many other ramen joints.
*How every ramen meal should be*
The ramen itself is somewhat a cross between al dente spaghetti and springy wanton noodles. A high-breed of the two, to deliver this amazing, springy noodles that many have had as an add-on dish.
The egg pretty much to standard in Japan and a perfect soft interior.

Ichiran, is an assured chain where when in doubt when out in the jungle of Ramen stores grabbing for your attention.

1Michelin Star
Opens from 1130am

From online searches, it is said to be second cheapest Michelin stared restaurant after Tim Ho Wan (Sham Sui Po Hong Kong), Nakajima offers Kansai-style fish dishes for a mere 800 yen.
Getting There:
Exit from Shinjuku Santcome Exit 9 is the nearest to location.

In this basement, in an unassuming corner, hides a Michelin star Restaurant. Already arriving on site at 1110am there was a queue as pictured and in and instant the place was filled up.

There are only four menu items on the menu, all of which consisting of sardines done
every which way. I asked for the recommendation and was directed the sashimi.
Ordered On: 
(08June2016 ABBA Contribution by Hendri)
Ordered sashimi meal (800 yen) + yanagawanabe side dish (700 yen). Rice seems to be free flow, I added one more bowl but no extra charge
"The yanagawanabe (fried with eggs and green onion) is awesome!" - H.B

Ordered On:

¥800 Sardine Sashimi ¥600 for just the main and
¥200 comes with rice and soup.
Who would have thought sardines could be done sashimi style. More like a caparcio really. Briefly and lightly pickled in vinegar, served together with a wedge of lemon,grated young ginger and a balance mix of sesame seeds and chives.
Overall, it was quite pleasant but the constant tiny bones, gave a somewhat irritating and disconcerting feeling of sharp bone going down the gullet. I didn't think too much of the sardines served but am also no expert in its preparation. However, It was still a delight  watching the chef prepare patron's servings. Looking around, the sashimi and fried sardine with bento sauce with egg dishes were the most sought after.

Perhaps the refined pallet could better appreciate the star, undeniably earned by this tiny restaurant for its sardine dishes.
The fried variant looked really good as I watched the chef behind, taking care in frying it in a cast iron skillet. Very tempting. The long queue of locals and foreigners that follow after my meal are a testament to its success/popularity.
*The line after my quick meal*

For your exploration of the second cheapest Michelin stared restaurant in the world! I'll probably go back to try the other Sardine Dishes.
- Go there early. 1110am was a good time to just be early in the queue and beat the crowd. At least you can get your order in before the place gets packed!

Click here for ABBA location of Nakajima, located 新宿割烹 中嶋 Nichihara Bldg. B1, 3-32-5 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

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