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Haneda - To Eat (Sushi Zanmai Open 24hrs, Roppongi Hill Starbucks , Jiro.Jr, Ah Jia Ya Shibuya Branch)

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Haneda - To Eat 
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Sushizanmai Open 24hrs. The individual pictured is a known celebrity and interviewed many times over in Tsukiji for the fish he sells. He has since opened many chains in Japan with another branch found in Shibuya.
ABBATips on eating sushi from a local!
- Having too much soy sauce in your saucer is deemed insulting to the chef.
- The head sushi chef is often positioned closest to the main entrance.
- Wasabi is meant to open the sensory passage to enhance the taste and appreciation of the fish. Only a little is needed.
- When ordering fish, you start with the white meats first before progressing to the red meats.
- People tend to finish off a meal with Tamago (egg) as a dessert.
- To enjoy sushi, one should dip sushi a little soy sauce, (fish side down) and the fish portion first to meet the pallet.

- The fish tank behind is not for show. Its to fish out the specific fish, when counter supply runs low, ensuring the freshest fish used for sushi. 

Sushuzanmai Shibuya Branch
(Locaed 600m from Shibuya Station)

 *Good soup but the preference still goes to the clam version*
Staff allow for half portions which is always a welcome.
400Yenn. Dressing not over powering and a respectable serve of sashimi. 

 A re-order from a previous visit. Really good.
Batter is light and buttery, encasing juicy squid tentacles inside.

Sushuzanmai Roppongi Branch
(Located 450m from Roppongi Station)

ABBA Recommendation by Yuko

Sushizanmai Open 24hrs. The individual pictured is a known celebrity and interviewed many times over in Tsukiji for the fish he sells. He has since opened many chains in Japan with another branch found in Shibuya.
 Ordered at Sushizanmai, Roppongi Branch On

Complimentary Appetizer with order of Beer
 *Pictured Left Sweet raw prawn, with the head deep fried in Tempura batter. Its like two dishes in one! Pictured Center, Yuko with bowl of, succulent, juicy clams in an amazing soup broth. Pictured Right, the light battered squid. Succulent and fried beautifully, accented with salt served at the side.*

*The eel sushi looks so much larger in Yuko's hand beside. Everyone gets one! Tender and accented with their sweet yakitori sauce. Amazing stuff.*
Total ¥ 16,251
Fed very well 3 happy individuals.

Cheap, good and fresh! We must have ordered almost half the menu on the sushi page alone! Great value, flavors throughout and learning so much more about the proper way to eat Sushi whilst in Japan.

Starbucks at Roppongi Hills
Open 24hrs
(600m from Roppongi Hill train station)

This must be the coolest Starbucks location that I've ever been too. Similar to what boarders used to be in the the day, but better ten fold. Loads of books with very cool products and motoring dioramas spread throughout the place.

A great place to hang, with free wifi and open 24hrs to boot.

(Roppongi Hills Branch)
*Hopes to review*
This is the second branch opened by Jiro's son. Price point wise it is slightly cheaper and some people prefer this location. It offers a more relaxed environment as compared to eating at the father's joint, whom may seem very stern and intimidating whilst eating counter side.
The restaurant is a direct copy of the original and has a very small seating capacity. Advanced booking is definately required, but a meal at the master's restuaruant would require at least 3months advance booking.
Click here for ABBA location of Jiro Roppongi Hills 6-12-2 Roppongi | Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka-dori 3F, Minato, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan 

Ah Jia Ya Shibuya Branch 
(Located 350m from Shibuya station)
English menu is available. Staff would still require you to make the purchase through the ticketing machine and are on hand to help. Traditional Hokkaido Ramen available in Tokyo! 
Standard Pork Miso Soup
Frank ,"Taste comparable to the chain crew go to in Fukuoka." *Broth is full flavoured. Although there's only two pieces of tender pork, the soup isn't too heavy, and the fresh chives and blenched bean sprouts bring the whole dish together. The additional order of egg, en-capsules a gooey, delectable, orange center. Their noodles perhaps similar to potato noodles served in Korea was bouncy and starchy.*
Approx ¥920 Each
with additional order of egg.
Click here for ABBA location of  Ah Jia Ya Shibuya Branch, 2 Chome-29-22 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

First Kichen
(Chained Fast Food)
Survival food, with no beef burgers to be found. There is an english menu available on hand as well.

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