Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Japan Narita - To Do (Aeon Mall, Narita Village, Naritasan-Shinshoji Temple)

Narita - To Stay
Japan Narita - To Do
Japan Narita - To Eat
Japan - To Buy
Japan Narita - To Do
"ÆON" is a mega mall with all the necessities to meet everyone's interest.
"AEON Supermarket" for packet meals, sashimi and various Japanese tidbits.
ABBATIP: Wait till late. You'll may get up to 50% discount off sashimi/tempura/bento boxed meals.
(Prices are all reduced to clear)
Click here for ABBA location of ÆON MALL
Special shops that maybe of interest in ÆON are:
"Francfrancfranc" & "Muji" designer home ware
  "Shimamura Music"  Specialty music store.

"Narita Village"
A waterholes of sorts with good eats lining these rustic streets, with the elegant "Naritasan-Shinshoji Temple" offering a tranquil escape to peace and serenity. Within this township, there are some dining gems as well. "Narita JR Railway" and "Keisei Narita" train stations operate from here.
Click here for General Area of Narita Village
Naritasan-Shinshoji Temple
@Narita Village
Tranquil surroundings and beautiful nature walk which extends far behind the temple grounds. 

 *10Dec2017 From Left, Sake speciality shops and C/R Staff preparing the Eels for the day*
 Moochi desserts being kept warm
 The beautiful park located within the temple's enclosed area.

Can Do:
"Photographer's Lookout point near RWY16"
Located about 2.4km away from ANA Crowne hotel, a walk brings you through local farmlands, to a lookout point overlooking 16L ARR/DEP. This spot is popular with Photographers. Look out for other with large cameras and radio receivers, awaiting for the next incoming aircraft.
Click here for location of "Photographer's Point"

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