Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amsterdam - To Eat (Burger Meesters, FEBO, New York Steakhouse)

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Amsterdam - To Eat

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 Burger Meesters

The most popular orders with this chain were Cheese Burger, as well as the Master Burger
Cheese Burger - Beef, Cheddar, Mustard,Ketchup €8
*Simple. But surprisingly good. A good size and definitely filling.*
Master Beef Burger - Beef, Grilled Vegetables, Tarragon Mayo
*Pictured. Refreshing and a good melt on the cheddar. Have never had roasted egg plant, zuchiini in a burger before, but it totally works. Thumbs up. Tarragon Mayo flavors didn't really shine, but perhaps was already too hungry and busy clearing the plate.*
Beef Burger Royale - Beef, Truffle Egg, Pancetta €8.50*Truffle egg concept didn't really come through and seemed to just leave a scrambled mess.*
Located near the Albert Cuyp market, a great place to stop by for burgers. Don't even bother with the mini sized one as seen above. We came here prior to going for the Heineken Experience.

(Absolutely avoid!)
A chain which is located all around Amsterdam. A place to get quick bites for cheap and add odd hours. Don't even bother with this place, and am not even going to justify with a location or review. One is better of buying a hotdog off street vendors and load up with as much sauerkraut, pickles, white onions, crispy bits and sauces as one wants for infinitely better.
Don't eat it.

New York Steakhouse
*Comes with complementary, heated bread and herb butter*
Onion Soup
*Really good onion soup. A melted cheese bruschetta was the topper and elevated this sweet, hearty soup to the next level. Really good and I'd order it again,*

*The medium rare seemed questionable, but the meat was done to standard. What was enjoyable were the variety of sauces in mini gravy boats you could have ordered from. Its just awesome gravy paring for the fries or steaks.*

Located a stones throw away from crew hotel, this place has a very nice atmosphere about it. Being able to dine on the baloney, over looking/hearing performers in this square is fantastic  Great setting, lively entertainment and good food.

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