Friday, January 5, 2018

Perth - To Eat (ABBA Contribution 04Jan2018 by Ang W.T, Freddie Strudels)

Perth - To Stay
Perth - To Do
Perth - To Eat
 Perth - To Eat
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Freddie Strudels
ABBA Contribution by Ang. W.T
(Yet to be reviewed)


 *Ordered On
*Holds up pretty well after a flight and hand carried. As described, still flaky even the day after. The cream filling is nice, rich and thick. Great flavor and not overly sweet. A real delicate execution of this apple strudels that holds up pretty well.*
Ordering is simple!
Order through the concierge, leave the money with them and they deliver to the hotel. The strudels are nicely packed and kept in the fridge, ready to go prior departure to the airport. We ordered three in total and as described by Ang W.T, two or three they will deliver. Corica is a minimum order of 6.
- Also suggested to try the DURIAN strudles which have been bought and brought on board. NO SMELL! Yet to try.*
*A nice apple strudel in Perth. I personally feel It's nicer than Corica.. and they do deliver as well. the boss said even 2 or 3 if he is free he will deliver. They were the founder of Renaldo strudel in SG in 1999 then they sold their biz away and migrated to Perth. Only abt 1 yr plus ago they decided to open in Perth.

Their apple strudel is slight shorter than Corica but cheaper by $3. Theirs is $21. I find that their cream is very fresh, not so sweet and super crispy even after 2 days in fridge. shop is at Brisbane st..

I bought 4 and was given a nice box to carry. Can call the shop or whatsapp the boss Freddie.

They also have durian strudel which i hav yet to try... dunno can bring on board or not because of the smell!

The boss also told me the strudel in Perth is nicer because the apples are fresh, unlike in SG they are can apples. All other ingredients are also fresher and nicer so hence confirm the strudel in Perth is nicer than their previous Renaldo in Singapore
Just wanna share this info for apple strudel lovers.. thnx!" - Ang W.T
 Click here for ABBA location of Freddie Strudels 193 Brisbane St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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