Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shanghai - To Eat (07Dec2017 Millennium hongqiao Dim Sum)

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Shanghai - To Eat
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Mellenium Hong Qiao
Dim Sum Buffett

Click here for ABBA Location of Millennium Hong Qiao 2588 Yan'an W Rd, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200336Millennium Hong Qiao offers a daily Dim Sum Buffet at 113RMB during the weekdays and a little bit more on the weekends. Located on the second floor, Yam Cha (Dim Sum) Sessions starts from 1130am till 2pm. 
Ordered On:
 Marinated Fish Skin and Bamboo Shoot with Chilli Sauce
*Won't order again. A little boring after a while*
Salted Pork In Jelly in Shanghai Style
Marinated Seaweed
*A good pallet cleanser*
Honey Glazed Barebeque Pork and Peking Duck
 *The stand out for sure! Its SSSSOooooooooooooooooo good. Can fight with or even beat Hong Kong joints. Great fat distribution in the pork and the duck skin is crispy, with sweet tender meat. We had a good 4 orders of this and each wiped clean. This alone was totally worth! Maybe one could consider coming here for an a la carte order.* Deep-fried buns with condensed Milk
*A Hai Di Lau staple that's simple and easy to do. A must do at home next time!*
Stir-fried Bombay duck fish in spicy salt
*That what pictured bottom is. Don't order! There's nothing Bombay or Duck about it.*

Buns stuffed with Egg Custard*Pretty good standard*
 *Pretty standard*
Scrambled egg with barbecue pork
 *Boring* Durian Puff Pastry

*The durian flavors weren't strong enough. Subtle flavors but the
Steamed Rice Flour Roll with Dried Shrimp

*Horrible. Its like having food court chee cheong fun. Dry and hard*
Herbal Pudding
Soy-Bean Milk
Fed 4 at 113RMB Each on a weekday
Bad weather outside and haven't been to Hong Kong in a long while? This place is perfect. The BBQ pork, and Peiking Duck is amazing and totally worth it. The fried Man Tao with condensed milk was a great order too. Most of the standard stuff were good but there were definitely some fails.

None of the cold dishes we ordered were a hit and the fails were the Steamed Rice Flour with Dried Shrimp and the
Stir-fried Bombay duck fish in spicy salt. Don't even bother to order these two.

Great for their roasts and some of their Dim Sums. There's a huge variety and like most Dim Sum Joints, 3 to 4 people would be perfect.
Alternatively if willing to walk out a little bit more. Jardin De Jade Restaurant features celebrity chef ZhuJun, unique Chinese eats at around the same price range (About 125RMB/pax).
Click here for ABBA Location of Millennium Hong Qiao 2588 Yan'an W Rd, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200336

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