Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dubai - To Eat (14May2017 Al Tawasol)

Dubai - To Stay
Dubai - To Do
Dubai - To Eat
Dubai - To Eat
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Al Tawasol
Recommended by others to order the Lamb Mandi
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Lamb Mandi
*No minimum order and charges apply for delivery.*
This is a pretty expensive order if comparing to the usual Briyani orderss that go
for about 15UAE. However, compared to those orders, here you get a lot more meat! The dish isn't spicy, but more fragrant. The basmati rice is aromatically cooked and goes very well with the lightly spiced tomato chutney and dhall.The meat is probably braised and fall off bone tender greatness. However if stronger flavors and spice are what you are looking for then sticking to the briyanis would be better. Wanting to try something, filling, non spicy? You could go for the Lamb mandi. Comes in other meat combos as well.*
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