Monday, July 13, 2015

London - To Eat (8thJuly2015 Flat Iron, Five Guys, Wahaca)

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London - To Eat
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Flat Iron
Chained Restaurant
(450m from Picadilly Circus)

A simple menu, which serves flat iron steaks and other add-ons. 

Ordered On: 8thJuly2015

Flat Iron steak served with house leaf salad £10

*Served atop a warm ceramic plate, is an incredibly tender and juicy piece of meat done a perfect medium rare. The portion is a little petit but with some side orders, it'll make up a full three course meal. The salad has a simple mustard dressing that's light and refreshing. The only main available on the menu.*

Dripping Cooked Chips - £2.50

Pretty standard chips but it may be a little soggy. Still the best fries awards goes to chain restaurant, Gill'd, from Australia.

Creamed Spinach - £3.0

Served warm and a nice accompaniment to the flat iron steak.

Roasted Aubergine - £3.50

Nicely prepared, with good cheese and tomato salsa balance.

Bearnaise and peppercorn sauces - £1 each

Chocolate Salt Caramel Mousse -£2.50

The punctuation at the end of the meal for sure. Amazingly good. Light, and full of flavor. The sprinkling of salt really enhances the light chocolate caramel mousse. Not for sharing and a must order to end on a sweet note.

Total £40.70 Fed2
Fed 2 Total £40.70
A country side kinda of feel with unique cutlery. Their pepper mills too were worthy of a photo in itself. Seating is a little cramped with the support rods running in between the legs, is a little of a hinderance.
However, with all that said, its a value meal if you didn't try 85% of the menu as we did. The desserts are a must order and it's a cheap place for steaks. The complimentary pop corn served along as a starter was a nice, unique and homely start.

Five Guys 
(Located In Westfield mall. 750m walk from Hilton Kensington)

Ordered on 8thJuly2015

Cheese Burger £8.75, with all side options, a serve of fries £2.75 and an order of small soft drink £2.50

Fed1 Total £13.25

I'm finally able to try the burger which has a following amongst crew only challenged by that of shake shack. I must say its a little underwhelming. With all that hype, it probably looses out to Shake Shack Burgers. A to standard, double patty cheese burger with all the trimmings. You have free range of as much condiments as you want.

What's really cool were their high-tech soft drink dispensing machines. Some of the flavors have never even been heard off. 
Others have sang praise of their milk shakes which wins Shake Shacks. Will have to try that another time. 

Overall, not cheap. A decent burger, but reiterating the same point, Shake Shack wouldprobably win this round. However, to me, Super Duper Burgers in SFO, takes the cake for sure, and In-N-Out burgers by its price point.

Wahaca - Westfield mall branch
(750m walk from Hilton Kensington)

Ordered on 9thJuly2015:

Chorizo and squash £4.20

Sweet Potato £3.10

Cactus and corn £3.95

*I still don't know how cactus really taste like.*

Chicken tinga £4.25

Crab & Avocado £5.25

Salmon Sashimi £4.50Sweet potato & Feta £3.95

*The star order. A crispy exterior with a sweet delicate interior. A nice balance of sweet and salty.*

Fed2 Overall £42

They've got the Mexican theme down for sure, but like most Mexican foods, it's all tacos, mostly guacamole, sour cream and beans which drowns the flavors of the other ingredients out. Good for a snack or light meal and the crispy sweet potato wrap, the clear winner. 

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