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Amsterdam - To Do (08May2015 Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam Free Walking Tour)

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Amsterdam - To Do
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Amsterdam - To Do

Keukenhof Gardens - Tulip Season
(approximately annual month long event) 

Entry and travel all inclusive ticket at €28.50
Getting there:
Ticket booth across the street we got the tickets from

Extremely simple and a hassle free affair, at an all inclusive charge of €28.50
- Purchase tickets from the tourist booth right in front of the hotel.
- Take bus 197 directly to the airport, and from the crew coach pick-up point, take bus 858 to the gardens. It's an end to end stops for both buses and announcements on board makes things really simple.
Travel time is about 1hr20min from door to door.

Keukenhof is a beautifully kept garden with shockingly vivid colors from the array of tulips. Beautifully maintained in pristine conditions. Simple amazing and tranquil. Even the boys were enjoying the walk about. 
 *Huge musical box*

There are eats available at the gardens itself, so don't worry about going there on an empty stomach. Snack carts serving up whip creamed strawberries, waffles, crepes, and ice-creams are located sporadically around the garden. Very 'the-feels' eating under the blue skies, with the birds chipping. It's like something out of a Disney film. 
Video fromWiebe de Jager
Sweets not your thing? No worries. There's sandwiches and pastries available at the main entrances with proper sit downs areas to enjoy the day out.


*Mom and her daughter*

 *Couple enjoying the scenery*
*Three generations in one*

3hours would be just about enough time to cover all corners of the place, which is inclusive of selfies, retro couple shots and loads of beautiful picture taking. Well worth the time and the journey to this world class garden event. 
Want to see the real thing in Amsterdam? Click here for ABBA Details on how to get to the windmills?

 Amsterdam 'Free Walking Tour'
Click here for the rough routing taken for the tour(about a 5km walking route).
Well not really technically free. They work for tips at the end of their tour. There is an optional 3 booking fee that merely guarantees you a slot, but appearing at location, they can slot yourself in at no charge.

Each walking tour group is limited to ++30pax. Unless you're going as a big group, just try appearing at your preferred time slot. Anyone is free to leave the group at any time.

Overall pretty informative for some of the sights covered, with some interesting anecdotes and good humor craftily injected. Your tour experience will of course differ from tour guide to tour guide.

The tour did have a mid point break to grab some light bites before proceeding on to the  rest of the attractions. Be prepared for quite a fair bit of walking which in the scheme of the entire tour takes about 2/1/2 to 3hrs.

Overall, besides the mandatory advertising of other tours and deals, the tour was rather informative, entertaining and gives one a good walk around town. A possible, intro-itinerary to follow in other countries as well.

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