Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Male - To Do 17March2016 (Snorkling! Stand up Canoe)

Male - To Stay
Male - To Do
Male - To Do
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Free Snorkling
Rental from the activities room

There are a ton of activities available on site but at a charge. However, enjoying the crystal blue waters and snorkeling among the fishes are free! Enjoy the clear waters and ask the activities room receptionist what's the best routing for snorkling. 
 Activity center opens only at 8am! If you wanna catch a glimpse of the local shark and turtle that come visiting in the early morning, you might want to have your own gear to swim with the fishes (before 8am)
 (The white tip shark spotted in the morning and again in the late afternoon)
Do not feed the fishes nor touch them and/or the corals.They have a pretty educational channel, running about the dos and don't on the island.


- Early in the morning you'd be able to catch a glimpse of the white tip reef shark and sometimes turtle that swim into the cove. 

- Ask the activities receptionist where's best to start of the snorkling and let the tide bring you around the route. Start from the north eastern point and make your way across. 
- For truly the best views, head pass the breakwaters where the coral shore line meets the Deep abyss. That's where the good stuff are.
- Activity center opens only from 8am.

Water Sports Activities Station
Located beside main docking area
FOC for 45mins per choice of activity per day
Chargeable there after
Kayaking (FOC for 45mins)
Standing up Canoe (FOC for 45mins)

Stand-up Canoe
Pretty straight forward. One of the FOC activities to choose from. Just rent from the water sports activities station and return within 45mins, or it's chargeable per hour thereafter. The water sports activities are located right beside the main terminal. 

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